You’re invited to Bo Barah’s 22nd birthday bash in OCTOBER 2019.

In order to get started on putting this event together, I need to have an idea of who is planning on attending. Please RSVP honestly below.
Keep an eye on your email so you don’t miss your chance to buy a ticket before they sell out.
What does this event entail? Questions, food, music, fun games, charity event, and more! Basically a big party where we can all get to know each other.
How much is a ticket to the event? This isn’t an event for me to profit on, I’m genuinely interested in meeting you all so I will keep the price as low as possible once I determine how much hosting will cost. There is an option to donate at the bottom of this page, the more funds donated, the less ticket prices will cost and the more epic we can make this get together. All funds from merch sales at the event will be donated to charity.
Date: TBD
Location: Tampa, FL

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