Two of the main causes for the plummeting population of bees are habitat loss and pesticide use—two things caused by humans. This is why it should be our job to help keep them safe. If you don’t care for bees as a species, you may want to reconsider your disdain toward the creature for this reason: bees pollinate 30% of our crops and also spread seeds, without them we would have a much harder time growing food. Keeping bees around is essential for quality produce and without them we would have to pay more for food.


What can you do to help the bees?

  • Create a much-needed habitat for bees by planting your own bee-friendly flower garden. (Post and hashtag your bee garden on Instagram with #bobarahsbees to show your support and a receive a shout-out.)

  • Build a bee house for shelter and place it in your garden.

  • Stop using chemicals on your garden and lawn.

  • Bees get thirsty too! Keep a small bowl of water in your yard for pollinators.

  • This may go without saying, but try your best not to kill any bees. If you find one in your house, simply capture it in a cup with a lid and release it outside.

  • Many bees nest in dirt. Try to avoid mulch so that mother bees have somewhere safe to build a nest for their offspring.

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